Howard Stern Divorce

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Howard Stern's Divorce: Nov 27, 1999





Note: this site is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Stern. It is a journalistic site protected by the First Amendment.

Reader Response to Howard's Threats

"I feel that the only thing thing you may be wrong for doing is using a copyrighted item such as Howard's name for your site. there is nothing wrong with the content of the site as long as you don't infringe on legal copyrights. using the name Howard stern implies an endorsement from him. if the site carries no endorsement, it shouldn't carry his name."

"Looks like little howie is getting a taste of his own medicine. Hope he is getting a LARGE dose... many times over!!! "

"Isn't this the guy who is so totally opposed to censorship of any kind?? How does he reconcile those beliefs with this asinine gag order against your web site?? "

"Gentlemen.. I love your new site, hard to believe Howard has a bug up his butt. Maybe this divorce thing is really taking it's toll on him and he just does not want anything posted regarding his marriage problems. If that is the case, I would understand that from people such as you and myself, but Stern is not like us and since he has busted so many others in the past, I think it is the a good old-fashioned case of he can dish it out but cannot take it. Good Luck with the site. "

"I used to listen to the guy -- not anymore!"

"What's good for the goose is good for the gander Stern, you fuckin' cry baby!"

"That Howard Stern would have the gall to complain and threaten this site. This from a guy who has made his fortune doing the exact same thing to others. Apparently it is OK for him to go into a new market and belittle, malign and intimidate his opponents using personal information, but when it happens to him he starts whining. How does the medicine taste now Howard?" 

"This is so stupid. Yes, it's all entertainment but it's also someone's personal life and I'm sure no one knows the REAL story besides Howard and Allison. The U.S. makes me sick..people are so obsessed with gossip and meddling in other people's lives and creating little scenarios just to make their pitiful little lives a little more exciting. People should "get a life" instead of living through others'. This is a stupid website...really and it makes me ill to have to see this sensationalism. I was forwarded this by a coworker not by personal choice. GROW people act like little immature children. SICK!"

"Howard is now showing his true colors.  He's a little pussy. That little baby who cries all day about the FCC and government regulation is now trying to censor the new medium of the internet.  Hey at least you guys don't call his home like he  did to Chevy Chase.  Everyone always thought that Ralph was the fag but we know better now."

"I'm a supporter of your page.   This website is the very evidence and a product of Howard's ideas of free speech that he has so aggressively promoted though his show.  He should be proud to see others do what he has been trying and has achieved though years.  I draw these conclusions from being Stern's listener for number of years.  You have my full support and appreciation, while Howard is loosing my respect due to his recent actions."

"Howard....grow up you prick and take it just as easily as you dish it out. Plus, this site is only speaking fact.  Just wait until some people start ripping into you and your family and your kids over this divorce regardless of the facts.  Remember, there are others out there just going for the laugh as well.  Maybe this time it will be at YOUR expense.  See how much you laugh then.  See how funny it is to be on the receiving end.  Asshole!!!!!

"As a long time fan and listener of Howard Stern, I am angered and surprised at the action he's taken against your website. Being that he not only portrays himself as the poster boy for free speech but also a VERY vocal opponent of lawyers and judges, I am disappointed that he has decided to use his money and influence to sick his lawyers on you. Just another hypocrite being exposed for what he really is... "

"I am amazed. Howard, the hero of free speech, should be the first one to say this site is appropriate. He has made his millions by doing the same thing. Howard needs a good Thanksgiving dinner and talk to the turkey. Once he settles down, hopefully, he will use his money for something worthwhile, like helping needy children. Howard, Mr. free speech advocate, should tell his lawyers that he has wasted enough money on this bit of emotional folly."

"I like Howard and have listened to him for years, yet if he threatens you from voicing news about his private life he is being hypocritical, as he himself has made mucho money by doing the same thing to other celebrities. Especially from a guy who said public personalities shouldn't get upset over people wanting to know the truth about them. Keep up the site...good job."

"I must say that what I find what you do disgusting. I came across the website after coming across an article about his site. I cannot believe that you would dedicate a website about some one's personal life. He is a father, a husband, a son....can you imagine what it would be like surfing the net and finding a website about your/your son's/your father's divorce??? no one needs it. it is the families business. leave it alone."

"I think this is hilarious and I applaud your efforts with the website.  I would think that after years of dishing out his particular brand of bullshit, Stern would be a bit more gracious when on the receiving end of the same. Keep up the good work."

"It is very sad that Stern believes that he is empowered to decide who should (or should not) be entitled to free speech. I thought he had big cojones before this incident, but now it's evident that his testicles are the size of basketballs! Good luck with the legal battle. I hope you don't have to waste any money responding to Schweitzer, Cornman, Gross & Bondell, who obviously have nothing better to do than harass you for exercising YOUR right to free speech."

"You are a pathetic, opportunistic leach asshole. Can you not see the difference between humor and invasion of privacy? Your site is not protected under the 1st amendment because you are using it as a sales tool for your other crap. Please, spare me the sanctimony. Whether or not your legally right, I don't really give a crap. A 'journalistic' endeavor should be protected. Leaches with no life who feed off talented celebrities with this kind of gossip should have their toenails torn off. You have the integrity and credibility of the National Enquirer, even less actually. Can't wait till Howard's lawyers eat you for breakfast. Goodbye loser."

"Fight the good fight. This guy is such hypocrite. I cant believe he's harassing you. What's good for the goose is good for the gander."

"I would like to take a copy of the first amendment and shove it up his egotistical ass. Maybe then he would be less concerned with his divorce and very concerned about getting out the first amendment."

"I say you fight to the bitter end. What ever it takes. Howard Stern might have access to superior financial muscle, but it is because of this that the fight should go on. Do they think they can dictate to others merely because of access to more money and more lawyer? No The message that goes out should be TRUE JUSTICE shall prevail, and TRUE JUSTICE shall not be swayed because of greater financial input."

"Howard needs to remember that the umbrella of the First Amendment does not shelter him exclusively. Give that misogynistic jack-ass a taste of his own medicine, Badboy! CockMistress Angelina is behind you all the way on this one."
Legs Crossed,
CockMistress Angelina

"I think Howard Stern has every right to sue if you do not do away with the highly unnecessary site devoted to his divorce. Are you complete morons?? oh sorry, You're the media...I rest my case." - Rachel

"Fight the bastards!!!!!" - Chuck

"You've got to be fucking kidding me." - Scott