Howard Stern Divorce


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Howard's Girlfriend
As Howard's regular listeners know, he has a new girlfriend. Her name is Beth Ostrosky and here's her picture, taken at a basketball game:

I can't believe Howard is already two-timing Robin:

It may have started out as a silly on-air flirtation, but Howard Stern and Angie Everhart seem to have blossomed into something more serious. "They have been going out," Everhart's rep, Shari Goldberg, confirms to us. "I don't know about Howard, but she's not seeing anyone else."

Howard and Robin!
I always knew he'd end up with a black woman named Robin:

The shock jock, who last October split with his long-suffering wife Alison, is “hot and heavy” with Robin Givens, ex-wife of Mike Tyson and the host of the show “Forgive or Forget,” says a source close to the show.

Party On Howard!
Looks like Howard is starting to get over the initial shock of the separation:

The King of All Media quickly called two women on his cell phone, had their names added to Silver's guest list, and danced with both at the same time. Stern soon focused his full attention on one of the lucky ladies -- a twentysomething with shoulder-length brown hair and "a booming body" -- while the other mingled with the VIP crowd. Our spies say Stern was bumping and grinding with the mystery cutie until her friend resurfaced at about 12:30 a.m..

Legal Update (12/14/99)
About two weeks ago we replied to Howard Stern's attorneys, explaining that we have removed advertising from this site and added a prominent disclaimer, making it clear that we are in no way affiliated with Howard Stern.

So far, so good. We haven't heard anything from them, so we assume that they've decided to leave us alone. I'm sure that everyone's support has had a lot to do with this, and for that I am grateful. People can make a difference if they stand up for what is right.

I'm a Yutz
It looks like I'm turning out to be good fodder for op-ed columns:

Never mind that public-figures-are-fair-game stuff, or the years of ceaseless, shameless huckstering Stern has engaged in, grasping for every loose nickel in the pockets of the gullible and clueless. Bad Boy must be stopped! More head-slappingly amazing was the complaint by the Stern legal team objecting to Bad Boy's Web links to -- gasp! -- pornography! It struck the legal team as unseemly.

More Reader Response (11/30/99)

"Howard IS the king, but, you should be able to tell the story. You can't use the first amendment on both sides of the fence!"

"Editor, get a life."

"Howard Stern is a child in a mans' body. He has the temperament, morals and the sense of fair play of a two year old.. Actually, don't believe I'm doing justice to the 2 year olds in the world." 

"It's amazing to me that "The King of All Media" would try and squash free speech.  What a hypocrite! I am personally HAPPY his marriage is over and if Alison knows what is good for her, she'll take the mansion on L.I. and the kids and get a nice big settlement.   For years, I've listened to him, but no longer.  I don't understand how he can keep the same old material going year after year. He stopped being original in '93.  Now he is free to whore around with the skanks and strippers he loves so much.  What a sniveling asshole!    I hope he does try to sue you, even a dial-a-lawyer from T.V. advertising could beat his lame case. Time for the asshole to retire."

"Wow! Let me get this straight.... It's o.k. for Howard to make fun of everybody else and demean them on his show from the Selena remarks, school shootings (the good looking girls running for their life) and numerous other poor taste, but I will add "FREE SPEECH PROTECTED" comments he makes, but when it comes to someone else talking about him he gets upset. Poor baby, if you can't take it, then don't dish it out! Keep up the fight guys. You have every right to do what you are doing. Howard is an ass and he is bring himself down."

"No More F-Jackie! It's now F-Howie and his Fat Lawyers! Stern is a big jew baby! Boo-hoo cry me a fucking river. He bitches and moans about Kathie Lee Epstein and her divorces, now he can't take it and afterglow. The King of all Media should pay attention to his marriage than websites."

"Howard, bite me and stop your crying you big sissy ass baby"

See the archive for even more reader responses  

Press Coverage of the Threats
Both and have published articles on our plight. The NY Daily news says that we are a "band of cyber geeks."

Howard Threatens Us

Believe it or not, Howard Stern is threatening us with a lawsuit.

When news broke of Howard's separation from Alison, we launched We knew that our readers would be very interested in following the breakup, and so we decided to devote a whole site to the topic. The site has done well, receiving acclaim from publications both in print and on the web. Most importantly, it has kept Stern listeners abreast of the latest developments in this ongoing saga.

However, we received a letter on Friday from Howard Stern's attorneys demanding that we cease publishing the site and transfer the domain name to them. The letter claims that we are infringing on the "Howard Stern" trademarks.

Legally, we are 100% in the right. There is no chance of any confusion with the "Howard Stern" trademarks. Our site is obviously a journalistic site reporting on Howard's breakup; there is no hint of any endorsement by him or any possibility of confusion with his radio show or other productions. And, of course, we have a First Amendment right to report on a public figure like Stern.

But being right isn't always enough in this world. It's not clear if we're going to be able to fight this on the merits, or whether Stern's superior financial muscle will ultimately force us to capitulate. We'll keep you up-to-date as events develop.

Kathie Lee's Condolences
Kathie Lee sent a note offering her support, but Howard will have none of that:

But Howard wasn't buying it. "She took the opportunity to preach to me about Jesus Christ and God, and it's just like proselytizing. Come on, honey, get off the high horse, and be human for once," he joked with his nationally syndicated audience. "It's like I'm her test in life."

Howard Quote
According to the Pioneer Planet, Howard said this:

``I thought we would grow old together. I just lived too long.''

Gloating Tom Arnold
The ex-Mr. Roseanne Barr comments on the king's separation::

Stern recently had Arnold duke it out with his ex-wife, Roseanne, on the air. "It's a surprise, but he's getting some of the same pain I once had," Arnold said. "Now Howard'll learn that splitting up sucks."